Floral Walls North East | Walls
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The Millie Wall

A classic, elegant build of white hydrangeas and ivory roses flowing alongside smaller varieties.

This selection is extremely popular for weddings and baby showers. The Millie wall can also be lovingly and personally customised to match the colour of theme of any occasion, adding your own personal spark by choosing your choice of colour.

We also have 10 metres of floor and table runners to match the Millie wall.

The Jasmine Wall

This wall features an explosion of stunning white hydrangeas, deep red roses, as well as a flow of foliage to form a breathtaking garden-like feel to any event!

This selection is vastly popular for corporate events and weddings.

The Fearne Wall

This wall features an array of peaches and creams, pinks and nudes. Made up of vintage garden roses, queen peonies, David Austin roses and dahlias.

A popular choice for weddings and tea parties.

The Esme Wall

A spray of plum, dusty pinks and champagne roses with a pop of grey queen peonies.

A great choice for an autumnal styled event.

The Heidi Wall

A gorgeous mix of pretty pinks, ivory and lush tones encrusted with and developed from bud roses, avalanche roses, David Austin roses and peonies.

Very popular and fitting for hen parties and vintage style events.